As the the shop has been closed, Carolyn has been busy making face masks.


These are now available to purchase at £9.99 including postage, with a contribution being donated to the NHS.


Colour combinations are as below, you can choose which colours you would like to mix.


Alternatively, should you wish to make your own, you will need 3 layers of fabric 6x9 inches and 2x6 inches of elastic.


Avaliable Colours and Prints (from top to bottom in the fabric picture) -


1. Red Poppy with Red and White Spot,

2. Red and White Spot with Pale Blue Horse Riders,

3. White Zebra with Black and White Check,

4. Black and White Check with Plain White,

5. Shades of Blue Floral with Denim Blue and White Spot,

6. Blue Elephant with Denim Blue and White Spot,

7. Pink Elephant with Pink and White Spot,

8. Pink and White Spot with Pale Blue Flamingo,

9. Pale Blue Bumble Bee with Yellow and White Spot,

10. Shades of Blue Leaf with Shades of Pink Leaf,

11. Navy and White Spot with Union Jack,

12. Soft Pink Floral with Pink and White Spot,

13. Fushia Flowes with Pink and White Spot,

14. Navy and White Spot on Both Sides,

15. Pale Blue on Both Sides, 

16. Labradors with Beige and White Spots

17. Navy Bee with Navy and White Spots 

18. Lemon and Yellow and White Spots


More plain colours are avaliable, please phone 01483 203341 to order. 

Face Masks

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Print Combination
  • The masks are 100% cotton, triple layer and are machine washable and also reversible.